BIG NEWS. I mean, BIG.

In case you haven’t heard, George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and all of it’s properties to Disney. All of it. 4 billion dollars worth of it. He will remain a creative consultant, but the Mouse has it all now and plans to start working it.

NEW STAR WARS MOVIE. Yep. Episode 7 in 2015. And a new movie every two or three years after that. Plus who knows what else.

I wonder what Todd thinks about all this. 🙂 Is it good news or bad news? At first blush, I think it’s good news. The franchise really needed a fresh start without Lucas and I think he was smart to relinquish the reins to his protegee (there is always two… a master and a student…).

Check out this article and video…


2 thoughts on “Whoa…”

  1. So they’re doing damage control already, eh? Having worked in public relations, I can assure you of one thing: none of these words are their own words or feelings. These were written by experienced public relations writers, experts in the field of lies, provarications, fabrications, obfuscations, and verbal sleight of hand. In short, these are not the truths you’re looking for.

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