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“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

OK, it wasn’t THAT far away (depending on how far away from Pittsburgh you are), but Cowboy Jedi really has been around for a long time. Created in a fit of desperation during Mark and Todd’s first 24-hour comic, Cowboy Jedi saved the day. One look at the first strip and Mark and Todd knew that they had stumbled onto something pretty special.

Alas, future attempts to create more Cowboy Jedi adventures were thwarted by various forces, both malignant and mundane. It looked as though Cowboy Jedi might remain frozen in the carbonite of fond memories forever.

Fate would intervene one year later in the form of their second 24-hour comic. Though not the hero this time around, Cowboy Jedi still managed to muscle his way in for a couple pages of guest strips at the end. Mark and Todd were determined not to let him ride off into the sunset again. They think you’ll love Cowboy Jedi and his band of misfits as much as they enjoy creating them.


TODD: The creative leader of the semi-defunct Killjoy Comics, he has carved enough success out of the real world to make a triumphant return to webcomics. Todd is also building an free-lance illustration business, so be ready for that.

MARK: After the wildly popular Killjoy Comics took a dirt nap, he spun off into the kind-of wildly popular Rat Tangent webcomic. The rest of Mark’s creative time is poured into Eye-Level Entertainment, where he helps design and illustrate games you should probably already own…”

If you want to reach Cowboy Jedi, do so at ‘mail(at)cowboyjedi(dot)com’

A Long Time Ago In A Webcomic Updated Weekly…